The opening notes [of ‘Low’] glitter like Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time,’ but TRACE’s electronic ballad is far more ambivalent. Over a tide of crescendoing synths, TRACE muses on her efforts to draw blood from the stone of a dying relationship.
With her unique approach towards electronic-pop, she is poised to make some waves in 2017.
Music comes natural to TRACE, it’s rooted deep in her soul in a way that only comes when you know an artist was meant to make music.
I get a lot of slow-burning pop singles that feature female vocalists but for some reason or another, this one managed to stick.
— indie shuffle
TRACE is an LA-based singer making an instantly likable hybrid of pop and R&B. She works in warm tones and sighing moods, combining electronic and organic sounds in service of tender, plainspoken sentiments.
Imagine the so sad today account set to twinkling electronics and gloriously forlorn vocals, and you’ve nailed Trace’s emotional and aural wavelength. She’s making the rare type of mope-pop that’s so exhilarating it makes you wish you were going through a breakup just so you could ~really~ ~feel~ everything.
[Honey is] a sparse, bare song that oozes longing in every piano chord.
— Refinery 29
Trace’s new track ‘Low’ is one of the best singles of the year where all the complicated feelings that arrive with the challenge of moving on are dealt with in a kind of head-on approach that does not shy away from all the inherent paradoxes that matters of the heart often yield.