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Independent, singer- songwriter TRACE released her debut EP, titled Low, in August of 2016. Since, it has collected over 11 million streams being a sound that echos synth beats over moody pop lyrics.

The daughter of a Vietnamese pop icon, TRACE spent most of her childhood watching her mom on stage, surrounded by adoring fans and engulfed in her music, or listening to her vocal warm ups through the bedroom walls. TRACE chose to release her own creativity in a much more introspective path and began to write- about everything. After battling an incessant feeling, TRACE left her promising career in editorial behind and began to write her EP in the fall of 2014, doing it all out of her small apartment in east Los Angeles- recording everything in a bathroom.

In March of 2015, she released her first single, Heavy Shoulders, and grabbed the attention of the electronic duo, Odesza. TRACE premiered her EP on Spotify, as the cover of the The Indie Mix, following her celebratory single release under Next Wave Records, Ultra Music. On average, 1.42 million unique listeners tune in every month, with that number growing significantly every day.   Her sound has since  developed after working with a collection of some of the most finger on the pulse producers. TRACE has built the foundation to be an artist with authenticity and longevity. 





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photo by Jason Barbagelott

photo by Jason Barbagelott