Eyes are tired, looking for a sign of anything that might give relief 

Fantasizing all things in my mind will feel more me

Punctual, waiting for a thrill to wake me from this deep dark sleep 

Blaming myself for making plans that fell into the cracks I call my dreams

I know you've see it all around: my anxiety

It likes to strut and it loves the sight oh, the sight of me 

Creeping through doors and under all my sheets

I can never sleep, it worries me

Searched the world, parties, even girls, but nothing makes me feel anything  

Tried to attach to anybody’s hope, God help me get me off my knees 

Over controlled, the tension leaves me holding onto all my personal things

Now I’m out, counting every doubt, that’s trying to make a fool of me 

It’s more lonely in the seams 

Anxiety I’m your fiend